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    • All results are unofficial until county-level canvassing boards certify votes later this month. The vote totals and percentages below may also shift slightly until that time.
    • Winners, when known, are bolded

Florida State House

District 10
Name Votes Percentage Money raised Money spent
Chuck Brannan (R) 58,819 78.16% $95,764.06 $29,507.90
Rock Aboujaoude Jr. (D) 16,433 21.84% $5,471.05 $5,216.50

From 2014 to 2018, Republicans won District 10 by an average of 56 points. In 2020, that trend continued — Republican Chuck Brannan won by 56.3 points. In 2016, Donald Trump won District 10 by 48 points.

District 21
Name Votes Percentage Money raised Money spent
Chuck Clemons (R) 48,626 51.12% $433,274.56 $373,974.83
Kayser Enneking (D) 46,495 48.88% $523,692.97 $519,605.20

The 2016 presidential election split District 21 almost exactly down the middle, with Hillary Clinton winning by just half a point. In 2012, Mitt Romney won District 21 by 4.5 points.

District 22
Name Votes Percentage Money raised Money spent
Joe Harding (R) 61,785 64.1%% $214,853.05 $191,586.93
Barbara Byram (D) 34,610 35.9%% $9,232.39 $9,195.13

From 2012 to 2016, general elections in District 22 saw Republican candidates run unopposed. In 2018, Incumbent Charlie Stone beat his Democratic challenger Bernard Parker by 27 points.

Florida State Senate

District 5
Name Votes Percentage Money raised Money spent
Jennifer Bradley (R) 193,135 74.87%% $595,545 $505,154.25
Stacey L. Peters (D) 64,841 25.13% $9,306 $4,764.70

From 2012 to 2016, Republican candidates ran unopposed in District 5. In 2016, Donald Trump carried the district by 48 points.

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