See Which Florida Ballot Initiatives Passed In 2020


At a statewide level, four of six charter amendments passed.

In Alachua County, six of the seven charter amendments passed, with the last one pending a recount.

The City of Gainesville’s amendment initiatives all passed. Marion County also passed the sales tax referendum with 70.32% 0f the vote.

See below for more information on each ballot initiative.


    • All results are unofficial until county-level canvassing boards certify votes later this month. The vote totals and percentages below may also shift slightly until that time.
    • Approved amendments, when known, are bolded.



Amendment 1: Citizenship requirement to vote in Florida elections
Yes 79.30% 8,291,118 total votes
No 20.70% 2,164,786 total votes


Amendment 2: Raising Florida’s minimum wage
Yes 60.80% 6,377,444 total votes
No 39.20% 4,111,094 total votes


Amendment 3: All voters vote in primary elections for state legislature, governor and cabinet
Yes 57.01% 5,840,881 total votes
No 42.99% 4,403,757 total votes


Amendment 4: Voters have to approve of constitutional amendments in two different elections
Yes 47.53% 4,842,690 total votes
No 52.47% 5,347,025 total votes


Amendment 5: Limitations on homestead property tax assessments
Yes 74.49% 7,468,660 total votes
No 25.51% 2,557,657 total votes


Amendment 6: Ad valorem tax discount for spouses of certain deceased veterans
Yes 89.73% 9,286,643 total votes
No 10.27% 1,063,348 total votes

Alachua County


Renewal of the Existing One Mil Ad Valorem Tax for School District Operating Expenses 
Yes 78.70% 106,017 total votes
No 21.30% 28,688 total votes


County Charter Amendment Establishing County Growth Management Area*
Yes 50.07% 64,462 total votes
No 49.93% 64,230 total votes

*The above race went to machine and manual recounts before being certified by voters.


Relationship Between County and Municipal Ordinances for Protection of Certain Natural Resources 
Yes 70.74% 92,543 total votes
No 29.26% 38,284 total votes


Identification and Elimination of Racial and Gender Bias in Alachua County Policies
Yes 73.95% 99,707 total votes
No 26.05% 35,124 total votes


County Charter Amendment Establishing Alachua County Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Yes 63.90%  84,292 total votes
No 36.10%  47,614 total votes


County Charter Amendment Concerning Candidate Treasure Report Requirements
Yes 64.10% 83,029 total votes
No 35.90% 46,506 total votes


County Charter Cleanup Amendment Removing Unconstitutional Provisions 
Yes 69.86% 91,751 total votes
No 30.14% 39,589 total votes

Gainesville City Charter Amendments 


Changing the Name of the Charter Officer “Clerk of the Commission” to “City Clerk”
Yes 79.65% 45,911 total votes
No 20.35% 11,727 total votes


Eliminating Restrictions on Construction of Paved Surfaces on City-Owned Land
Yes 63.51% 36,075 total votes
No 36.49% 20,727 total votes


Limiting Commission Authority to Dispose of Certain Utility Systems
Yes 74.45% 42,052 total votes
No 25.55% 14,432 total votes


Creating a Preamble to the Charter
Yes 75.68% 42,291 total votes
No 24.32% 13,594 total votes

Marion County


Sales Tax Referendum
Yes 70.32% 132,489 total votes
No 29.68% 55,932 total votes

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