Police: Woman Kidnapped From Ocala Hospital, Raped

Robert Lee-Terrell Hicks (Photo from Ocala police)

Ocala police arrested a 33-year-old man Monday after they believe he kidnapped a woman from West Marion Hospital, took her to a wooded area and robbed, beat and raped her.

Robert Lee-Terrell Hicks, of Ocala, was charged with sexual battery, kidnapping and robbery, according to police.

The woman was sitting in her car at the hospital parking lot when a man got out of a nearby silver Jeep Cherokee and opened her car’s door, according to an Ocala police arrest report.

“You know what I want. Get into the back seat,” the man told the woman, according to the report. 

The man flicked a cigarette he was smoking into the car, pulled the woman out of it, knocked her to the ground, and slammed her head into the pavement several times, the report said.

He then put the woman in the Jeep, tied her hands around her back and drove off. When the two reached a wooded area but while still in the car, the man pulled her pants, underwear, shoes and one sock off and raped her, according to the report.

The woman told police he spit, urinated and poured what she believed to be motor oil on her face. The two stayed in the wooded area for several hours.

She noticed several tattoos on his back, which she described to police.  The man told her he was going to kill her and set the car on fire to destroy evidence. amd the woman said she began trying to talk him out of it, the report said.

He said he was sorry and that he had been raped as a child. He told her he had two children and that his ex had taken them away while he was in prison, the report said.

The woman asked him to take her to West Marion Hospital ‘s emergency room. On the way back to the hospital, he drove to an unknown gas station, got two cases of water and offered her one.

When he dropped her off at the hospital’s parking lot, he asked her for money and her phone, the report said. In hopes that he would leave her alone, she gave him $20 and unlocked her phone with her fingerprint.

She later gave detectives her email username and password so they could track the phone.

A woman told police that her boyfriend, Robert Hicks, had disappeared about 9 p.m. with her silver 1996 Jeep Cherokee. The girlfriend’s descriptions of his tattoos matched those provided by the kidnapped woman.

The girlfriend told police she had confronted Hicks about pornographic searches on her phone for “raping of animals” and “raping of women.”

The girlfriend said he had been arrested for narcotics in Louisiana about two years ago.

A friend of the girlfriend said Hicks had been at his residence in the car at about 4 a.m. Monday. Using GPS to track the stolen phone, police found it on the side of the road close to the friend’s residence.

As police were still investigating at the friend’s residence, Hicks pulled into the front yard in the Jeep and was arrested.

As of Tuesday morning, Hicks remained in jail without bond.

This story has been updated with the latest information from Ocala police.

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