The Rewind: Week of Feb. 21, 2022


Every week, journalists at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications report important stories for people in the North Central Florida area and beyond. This is The Rewind from WUFT News, a look into some of the strongest reporting from our newsroom and a discussion with the journalists who write these stories.

The 30-minute episode features a deeper dive into our top stories of the week. In this episode, we discuss a new Youth Activities Advisory Council in Alachua County, a soil ceremony that honored five lynching victims in Waldo and a local case dealing with transgender rights making its way in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 


Part 1: Alachua County students, organizers form Youth Activities Advisory Council

Young people from all over Alachua County were inducted Monday night into the newly formed Youth Activities Advisory Council. Nearly 20 local students and organizers took the oath led by Judge Gloria Walker to serve in this new initiative. 

Producer Melissa Feito spoke with WUFT reporter Alan Halaly about the new council and what it means for the youth of Alachua County.

Part 2: Soil ceremony honors five lynching victims in Waldo area

Residents from across Alachua County gathered to honor five lynching victims in a soil ceremony last Saturday.  The event drew about 100 people of all ages and backgrounds in remembrance of the victims from the Waldo, Hawthorne, Campville and Rochelle areas.

Producer Meleah Lyden spoke with WUFT’s Summerleigh Stones about the ceremony and its significance to the community.

Part 3: US appeals court reconsiders Florida transgender rights case

On Tuesday, oral arguments for a case involving the St. Johns County School District and Andrew Adams, a transgender student in the district. A decision by the St. Johns County School Board in St. Augustine banned Adams from using the boys’ bathroom when he attended high school. Adams was born a biological female and originally enrolled in the district as one, but he transitioned starting in eighth grade. The case challenged that decision and is currently in oral arguments for the third time. 

Producer Sarah Mandile spoke with WUFT’s Elise Elder about the details of the case and what it means for transgender rights.



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