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The Point, 2023 Year in Review: Community News

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Throughout 2023, WUFT brought you the news you needed to stay informed. This week, we're bringing you the year in review.

Today, we're looking at community news. WUFT is a local news station, bringing you information and stories from right here in north central Florida that no one else will.

Local Coverage

From localizing national news to reporting on community events, WUFT was in the field talking with our audience every day, telling the stories that matter to them.

A stranded killer whale was found washed up on the east coast of the state, and the carcass was shipped to the University of Florida to be buried. It would eventually be removed and sent to Washington, D.C., to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Two former Gainesville mayors passed away in the same week.

A national egg shortage affected Gainesville businesses and consumers.

Marion County commissioners unanimously approved the construction of a Buc-ee's gas station in Ocala.

In 2022, WUFT reported on a community of modern-day garage bands practicing at a Gainesville warehouse. Then, this year, the warehouse evicted all bands practicing there. Later, a local rehearsal studio came to the rescue, offering practice spaces for the bands who were evicted.

A new mall opened in Ocala, and small businesses there thrived.

UF students who signed leases at two different luxury apartments in downtown Gainesville were met with a surprise when their units weren't ready in time for move in. Later, upon moving in, UFORA residents found the apartments lacking basic amenities including refrigerators or furniture.

Florida increased the state minimum wage this year to $12. Local businesses reacted to the change in a number of ways.

WUFT’s student photojournalists captured moments big and small in news and sports in the fall semester, including these 25 best photos.

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Florida Good

Sometimes the news can get depressing, but there is also a lot of good in the world, and in our communities. To start the new year off on a positive note, we've put together some of the positive news coming out of north central Florida.

• Feb. 15: This cemetery’s flowers are planted, not placed

• Feb. 21: Archeologists encourage community involvement in cemeteries

• April 5: Dog training program at Lowell Correctional Institution changes inmates’ lives

• June 15: Gainesville business builds homes out of shipping containers

• Aug. 2: Meet the woman cooking free meals every week for downtown Gainesville residents

• Aug. 29: Florida Museum of Natural History staff safeguard butterflies for Hurricane Idalia

• Oct. 4: Florida’s champion live oak tree stands tall – a new statewide record-holder in Alachua

• Nov. 1: “Do you know the muffin man?” Visitors at Haile Plantation Farmers Market answer yes.

• Nov. 30: Former laboratory research monkeys get a special visit from their rescuers

• Dec. 12: Driving success in The Villages: Michael Thomas, the Cartfixer, takes the wheel in repairing a community’s golf carts

• Scheduling note: The Point will return to your inbox on Tuesday, Jan. 2, following the New Year's holiday.
Kristin Moorehead curated today's edition of The Point.

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Contact WUFT News by calling 352-392-6397 or emailing news