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Unvarnished: High Speed Honda


Garrett Hall decided it was time to part with his beloved 2001 Honda Accord. He ventured to Craigslist, knowing the risks and horror stories about selling used cars.

He found a buyer, but when a large one-armed man named Derek showed up and asked to take the car for a test-drive, Garrett was on edge. He soon learned his apprehension was justified as the pair were weaving through traffic at 90 MPH.

He lived to tell the tale and speaks with host Taylor Williams about the use of story as a way to establish community and combat isolation caused by trauma.

Garrett spoke at Pants On Fire, a live storytelling event in July. He tells a true story about what should have been a smooth transaction but ended up as a nightmarish test drive that left him fearing for his life.

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Taylor Williams is the host of Unvarnished and the Creative Director of Guts & Glory GNV. Unvarnished is produced in collaboration with WUFT.

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