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Farms, Flooding, And New Laws: Previewing The 2018 Hurricane Season

With the 2018 hurricane season underway, here are four key aspects to watch this year in Florida.

Hurricane Irma struck Florida more than 9 months ago, causing dozens of deaths, knocking out power for millions and flooding homes all over the state. It all forced lawmakers to take at least some sort of action.

While Irma's effects weren’t as badly felt here in the north central Florida area, flooding and a loss of power still impacted many. Others have dealt with the actions of Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature. There’s one important measure that was put in place; it’s meant to help prevent future deaths like those that happened at a south Florida nursing home in the days following Irma.

Many of Florida’s farmers were especially devastated with flooding that led to a loss of business. In the days following Irma, WUFT visited various farms struggling to recover, and now we catch up again with a small farm in Marion County. It faced major flooding last year and has finally recovered – just in time for this year’s hurricane season that began June 1.

Residents who were flooded so badly it cost tens of thousands of dollars and, in some cases, caused homeowners to leave their houses for good.

Ramsey is a reporter for WUFT who can be reached by calling 352-392-6397 or emailing