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The Point, 2023 Year in Review: Continuing Coverage

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Throughout 2023, WUFT brought you the news you needed to stay informed. This week, we're bringing you the year in review.

Today, we're looking at our continuing coverage. Breaking news happens, and WUFT was there all year to bring you up-to-date information on major news events. We also brought you follow-up stories to report on continuing developments on important events and not just report the news but follow it through to the end.

Law and Public Safety

Crime stories are not hard to come by, but WUFT's reporting on crime followed major local trials through the courts and brought you the stories behind the police report.

• Feb. 22: Terrell Bradley seeks settlement from City of Gainesville after K9 mauling left him with more than $250,000 in medical debt

• April 17: Gainesville Police Department says noise is the No. 1 complaint

• June 23: UF student found not guilty for reckless driving after 116-mph ticket on I-75

• June 26: White woman who killed Black neighbor will face manslaughter charges, state attorney confirms

• Aug. 6: More than 400 people gather at first Gainesville gun violence summit

• Sept. 21: Former non-profit executives, entrusted to help domestic violence victims, accused of swindling at least $3.7 million

• Oct. 19: Prosecutors formally charge man accused of crashing stolen excavator into Walmart

• Oct. 19: Former Florida lawmaker sentenced to 4 months in prison over pandemic fraud

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Major Events

When breaking news events happened this year, WUFT was on the front lines reporting in the communities affected.

Hurricane Idalia hit the Gulf Coast of Florida in late August, leaving a trail of destruction in towns like Perry and Cedar Key. Many industries were severely affected, including agriculture and poultry, fishing, and even beekeeping. Recovery took time, but WUFT followed the efforts throughout the following weeks and months.

Aside from hurricanes, 2023 was a big year for weather. Record-breaking heat waves hit the U.S. this summer, and the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network educated audiences on the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Due to the heat, Florida's corals experienced one of the worst bleaching events in history. However, efforts from researchers led to the rescue of a number of corals, eventually returning them to the ocean.

On Oct. 7, a group of Hamas militants attacked an Israeli city, killing over 1,200 people. Israel then launched a number of airstrikes on Gaza and the surrounding areas. The ensuing conflict has left thousands dead and has continued into the new year. Locally, a pro-Israel vigil at the University of Florida ended in chaos after the crowd panicked. Pro-Palestinian protesters oftenrallied near UF's campus calling for a cease-fire. The DeSantis administration ordered student group Students for Justice in Palestine to shut down, leading to a lawsuit from UF students over free speech concerns.

UF President Ben Sasse began his term this year. His first day was met with protests from students, and his strong opinions on the Israel-Hamas war set him apart from other university presidents in the state. WUFT covered Sasse's inauguration in the fall, including live updates.
Kristin Moorehead curated today's edition of The Point.

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Contact WUFT News by calling 352-392-6397 or emailing news