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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Florida


With an over 70 percent approval rating in the polls, marijuana will become legal for medical use in Florida.

Now, with a doctor’s prescription, medical marijuana can be prescribed for any debilitating condition. Dispensaries are expected to open and expand across the state.

“We have expansion plans in the works now for a while,” said Kim Rivers, Trulieve CEO. “We are in various stages of permitting at a number of places. Tampa will likely be our next store to open. Then we have stores opening in Orlando, Jacksonville, down in Miami.”

In Florida, many doctors see the passing of the Amendment as a positive, allowing greater reach in health care to qualifying patients.

The Florida Department of Health is expected to adopt a process for distribution.

States like California and Maine approved similar Amendments that allows for the recreational use of marijuana. Florida, along with Arkansas and North Dakota, now joins the list of states where medical use of marijuana is approved.



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