UF To Introduce ‘Clear Bag’ Policy At Football Games

A chart shows what bags will and won’t be allowed at 2016 University of Florida home football games. (Graphic courtesy University Athletic Association)

The University of Florida’s University Athletic Association is implementing a policy that allows only clear bags into football games for the 2016 season.

The policy is meant to allow security to more easily and quickly search bags on game days and make sure any banned or dangerous items aren’t missed during bag checks at the gates, according to the university.

“Fan safety is something we always keep in mind at any of our athletic events,” said Bryan Flood, the university’s assistant athletic director for operations. “Obviously, football with 90,000 people is the biggest event we hold on our campus.”

After recent attacks at stadiums, most notably a pair of suicide attacks and a bombing in November at Stade de France, policies to increase safety precautions like this one have been adopted by other college stadiums and the NFL.

UF’s new policy would allow one clear plastic bag and one small clutch purse per person but no other storage bags, such as backpacks, fanny packs, large purses or anything else.

Security at the games, though, will still be opening bags to check. And the list of banned items hasn’t changed and will still include drugs, alcohol, firearms and others items.

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