Gainesville Girls Rock Camp


Today’s episode features Gainesville Girls Rock Camp, a non-profit that uses music and performance to uplift marginalized voices, encourage self-esteem, community and self-expression in girls and gender-expansive youth. The week-long summer day camp, held virtually in 2020, accepts regional youth aged 10-17 years old. Campers are taught to play an instrument and are placed into bands and write songs. In a non-Pandemic time, campers perform at a live music venue downtown at a public showcase for their friends and families.

Gainesville Girls Rock Camp was founded by Jennifer Vito, Chelsea Carnes and Kentucky Costellow. The camp is run by members of the Gainesville community – many of whom are artists, entertainers, teachers, and service industry workers being impacted economically during this time.   Co-Directors Jennifer Vito and Coral Smith share information on the history and online adaptation for 2020.

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