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Harrison Hove

  • Thousands of new journalists join the work force each year. These journalists are trying to join an extremely competitive industry. Hundreds are willing to move across the country as they pursue their professional dreams.
  • As the television news audience declines, a theme of diversity is becoming more important than ever.
  • Analysts point to signs of contraction and consolidation within the broadcast news industry. The picture is not so bleak for Spanish language television.
  • The media spotlight was shining on north central Florida during the last week at white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at the University of Florida. Domestic news outlets, both local and national, covered the story. WUFT was fortunate enough to host an international journalist as the story unfolded.
  • Broadcast television mega mergers have paved the way for a few enormous corporations to dominate the local television landscape. A handful of corporations control a majority of local television news outlets in America.
  • The Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposed merger that would create the largest local television news corporation in US History.
  • Providing emergency weather information is one of the most important responsibilities a local television station has. There are many different approaches to severe weather seen across the country.
  • As newsroom budgets shrink, more journalists are asked to pick up cameras. An economic bottom line is often used as justification to make people assume…
  • Tremendous economic power is being consolidated as broadcast corporations continue to merge with one another. New age media economics can be characterized…
  • The structure of a local television news has not changed much for decades. However, there is tremendous change and experimentation happening within a television station’s digital footprint. Two innovative journalists discuss web-centric initiatives they lead in this Broadcast Bits: Episode 4 podcast.