UF Campaign for Charities 2023


Today’s episode features Karen Thomas and the University of Florida Campaign for Charities 2023 Campaign. Nearly one hundred charities will participate this year. These include the agencies of the United Way of North Central Florida, Community Health Charities of Florida, and other independent agencies. To participate, agencies must be nonprofit and must address health, social service, diversity, relief, development or environmental issues of local importance. The Leadership Campaign under the director of UF College of Journalism and Communications Dean Hub Brown will take place through Sept. 22 and the general campaign under the leadership of UF Performing Arts Director Brian Jose will run from Sept. 25 through Oct. 13 – however donations from faculty, staff, students and members of the community through cash, check, credit card or UF payroll deduction will be accepted through November.

UFCC Coordinator Karen Thomas shares information on the importance of the campaign, the agencies involved, special fundraising events and how easy is to donate to a good cause.

2023 UF Campaign for Charities

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