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The Point, April 17, 2024: Former Florida Gov. Bob Graham dies at 87

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• WUFT News: RTS turns 50: Ridership, funding and routes continue in limbo. "Now, after transporting millions of passengers in its half century of service, RTS is facing some of its biggest challenges to date."

• WUFT News: Miracle cure or wishful thinking? Proposed treatment for citrus greening gets mixed reviews from growers. "Research using oak leaves on citrus trees to combat citrus greening has been fruitful so far. Some growers say it’s been a lifesaver, but others say it’s not enough."

• WUFT News: New Florida college survey asks students: Does a vote for Trump or Biden end a friendship? "The latest round of a controversial state survey of Florida college and university students includes a slew of new questions probing how their political views have affected relationships on campus – and whether it’s hard to be friends with people who have voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump."

• Mainstreet Daily News: Community voices rise against P.K. Yonge selective admission idea. "Several parents were crying by the end of the meeting, where many of them had come to voice their disturbance at the idea that admission to P.K. Yonge High School is switching its admissions from public to selective admissions."

• WCJB: Alachua County Schools Board members to vote on year-round schools. "Students at Metcalfe and Rawlings Elementary could attend school year-round starting as soon as this year. That’s if Alachua County school board members vote on a proposal to turn the two schools into year-round schools."

• Mainstreet Daily News: GRU plans rate change for rooftop solar payments. "Throughout the year, if a residential solar array sends more electricity to the grid than GRU supplied to the home, GRU buys the excess electricity produced, a process called net metering."

• The Point Podcast: Thriving through internship turmoil. Wednesday's host, Caitlyn Schiffer, spoke with Andy Thomas, a career coach with Andy Thomas Careers Now, about the trials and tribulations of internship and job seasons and how to better set yourself up for success.

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Around the state

• Associated Press: Bob Graham, ex-US senator and Florida governor, dies at 87. "Former U.S. Sen. and two-term Florida Gov. Bob Graham, who gained national prominence as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee in the aftermath of the 2001 terrorist attacks and as an early critic of the Iraq war, has died. He was 87."

• News Service of Florida: DeSantis signs bills changing book review, charter school laws. "After more than 1,200 objections were filed to school-library books and other materials last school year, Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday signed a bill that will limit challenges by some people."

• WLRN-Miami: Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump assails Miami police for shooting Black man with mental health issues. "Police officers, who reported that Armstrong was armed with a possible weapon, tasered him twice. As he fell toward them, one of the officers, Cassandra Mercado, fired ten shots at Armstrong, hitting him six times, according to Crump and a cellphone recording of the encounter."

• WGCU-Fort Myers: NASA completes analysis of recovered International Space Station part that hit Naples home. "NASA specialists use engineering models to estimate how objects heat up and break apart during atmospheric re-entry. These models require detailed input parameters and are regularly updated when debris is found to have survived atmospheric re-entry to the ground."

• Associated Press: Suspended Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren is running for reelection. "Changing course, a Democratic Florida prosecutor suspended from office by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday he will seek reelection while a court battle continues over his 2022 removal from the post."

• News Service of Florida: State of Florida appeals in wetlands permitting fight. "Florida has quickly launched an appeal after a U.S. district judge rejected a 2020 decision by the federal government to shift permitting authority to the state for projects that affect wetlands."

• NPR: After catch and release, here's how to make sure reef fish survive. "People who fish in Florida and in federal waters are now required to have special gear on board to help ensure reef fish survive once they're returned to the water. That includes venting tools, essentially long needles, that are used to pierce the fish's swim bladder in its abdomen, releasing the pressure."

From NPR News

• Books: Report: Last year ended with a surge in book bans

• Law: Supreme Court gives skeptical eye to key statute used to prosecute Jan. 6 rioters

• Health: The U.S. has come up with its own global strategy to thwart the next pandemic

• World: Fire ravages 17th-century Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, toppling the iconic spire

• World: Biden has to decide soon whether to sanction Venezuela. Here's what to know

• National: Report: China continues to subsidize deadly fentanyl exports

• Health: New federal safety rules on silica dust aim to protect miners' lungs

• Health: Rise and grind? Working late, volatile hours may lead to depression, illness by 50

• Environment: A video shows two men toppling rock formations at Lake Mead trail

Kristin Moorehead curated today's edition of The Point.