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Charges Against 11-Year-Old For Brother's Death Dropped

Third Circuit State Attorney Jeff Siegmeister announced he will not pursue criminal charges against an 11-year-old girl from Columbia County for the shooting death of her 16-year-old brother.

Siegmeister made the announcement on Thursday and filed a "No Petition" — a legal document indicating formal charges would not be filed — in the case.

"In reaching this decision, I considered the facts of the case, the mental and emotional status of the child, and the overall familial history and dynamics reaching this decision," Siegmeister wrote in a press release.

The case against the girl's 15-year-old sister is still pending; charges have not yet been filed. She is due back in court in March.

On Jan. 14, the AP reported the girls' brother locked the 15-year-old in her room before falling asleep. She then convinced the 11-year-old to free her and entered their parents' bedroom through the window to retrieve a pistol. She used the pistol to shoot their brother in the neck once, according to police reports.

Both girls fled the house, according to the AP, and left a 3-year-old sister with their dead brother.

The girls' parents are also being investigated due to abuse allegations.

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