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University of Florida's QB Treon Harris Cited For Driving Without License

Three University of Florida football players were pulled over on UF's campus while driving above the speed limit Saturday. While stopped officers observed the scent of marijuana and upon further search found two separate bags containing a total of 3.1 grams of the drug.

Freshman quarterback Treon Harris has been charged with second-degree misdemeanor for driving without a valid driver's license.

"We are aware of the incident and are dealing with it internally and their bowl status hasn't changed," said Steve McLain, University Athletic Association spokesperson.

According the police report the first bag of marijuana, containing 1.2 grams, was found in the back of the passenger seat in a net storage pocket. The second bag, containing 1.9 grams, was found between the driver's seat and the middle console. UF Police Department spokesman, Brad Barber, said ownership of the marijuana could not be determined so all three students were referred to UF's student conduct and conflict resolution. In cases like this, probation and substance abuse education ordered by the dean of student's office would be the most likely outcome, said UF spokesperson Steve Orlando.

At 11:29 p.m. on Saturday Dec. 13 UFPD officer Geoffrey Anderson noticed the car was traveling 10 mph above UF's 20 mph speed limit.

Huntley Johnson, who represented Harris earlier this year in a sexual battery accusation that was later dropped, said he encouraged Harris to get a license and expects the charges to be dropped once he does. Johnson said he is not representing Harris in any other matters at the moment.

Harris' passengers included freshman cornerback Jalen Tabor and freshman defensive back J.C. Jackson. E'mani Cain is the registered owner of the 2010 silver Infinity Harris was driving, Barber said. Cain was not in the car during the incident.

Harris told Anderson he did not have driver's license and never has, according to Barber.

Once the citation was issued and the group was dismissed, Tabor, who has a license, drove the car.

When Anderson noticed the scent of marijuana he asked to search the car. Harris and his passengers agreed.

As a result of the incident, Harris was cited with a drivers license violation, which is categorized as a criminal traffic citation, and is expected in court for an arraignment on Jan. 15, 2015.

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