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Kanapaha Botanical Gardens to Host a Moonlight Walk

Wayne Smith, left, and Pam Taylor observe the waterfall and adjoining lake next to the bulb garden. (Alexandra Booth/WUFT News)

The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens offers a variety of attractions and services that guests can come and enjoy, as well as hosting special events.  They offer 24 collections of plants and flowers include a rose garden, a vinery, a hummingbird and butterfly garden, and a sinkhole overlook. Summer offers the most colorful time at …

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Alligators on the move

Recent flooding and a rise in temperatures has alligators moving. A recent string of attacks within the last month has proven that. Florida’s 89.1, WUFT-FMs Liana Charles reports on the story of a Gainesville man who had a serious encounter with a huge “gator” and wrote a book about it and …

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