Hundreds Still Without Power In Gainesville After Storms


Gainesville Regional Utilities is working to get 250 customers electricity restored this morning.

According to the utility most of the outages are in west Gainesville.

Damaging storms moved in Friday evening knocking out power to thousands and downing trees. According to reports, some downed trees blocked roads around town including the Arredondo area of Gainesville and the University of Florida campus.

The damage was caused by thunderstorms that had reached their maturity in strength right over the city.

UF meteorologist Jeff Huffman said the interaction of sea breezes from both coasts and a disturbance sliding in from the north led to the particularly strong cell.

“When you have such an intense updraft that extends 5 or 6 miles into the sky, that air must come down. And when it does, you can get what’s called a microburst or downburst in wind, sometimes up to 60 mph.”

As to whether or not the damage was caused by a tornado, despite some reports from citizens on social media, the National Weather Service in Jacksonville and the UF Weather Team have told WUFT News there was no radar evidence of any rotation.

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