Woman Sues Jimmy John’s, Alleges She Was Hit By One Of Its ‘Freaky Fast’ Bicyclists


A Florida woman is suing JJ’s of Florida, a local Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, and an employee after an October bike accident.

In the complaint, filed April 21, Ronique Myers describes being hit by Kyle Bjarkman, a Jimmy John’s employee bicycling on a delivery, as she was crossing the street at night. The complaint does not state where the collision happened (there are three Jimmy John’s locations in Gainesville).

Myers said her tooth was damaged as a result of the accident.

Public records cited in the suit show Bjarkman was charged with five traffic infractions between March 5, 2014 and March 18, 2015, three of which involved violation of bicycle laws.

As a result, Jimmy John’s is also included in the suit as a co-defendant. Myers is requesting a jury trial and asking for damages in excess of $15,000 to cover medical and legal expenses.

Myers alleges in her complaint that Bjarkman was riding in a “peculiarly dangerous manner when colliding with (Myers).”

Neither Myers nor her attorney nor Jimmy John’s management returned requests for comment.

Bjarkman’s mother, speaking Monday afternoon on behalf of her son, said he did not wish to talk about the lawsuit.

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