Tropical Storm Beryl drenches Florida and Georgia

By on May 28th, 2012

From Staff and Associated Press reports

NOAA / Satellite and Information Service

Tropical Storm Beryl as seen Monday morning from a NOAA weather satellite.

The effects of Tropical Storm Beryl will continue with periods of heavy rain and gusty winds through Tuesday. So far, the storm has moved into the area with little reported damage to Gainesville or Alachua County.

UF Meteorologist Jeff Huffman expects the heavy rain to weaken through the afternoon and evening. Another weather system coming off the Gulf could bring more rain to the area going into Tuesday.

“It’s great news that we’re getting the rain. We desperately needed the rain,” Huffman said. “It’s unfortunate news that it’s all going to come at once, and there may be a little bit of flooding. We’re going to have to watch that here in North Central Florida.”

The National Weather Service has issued flood warnings for Alachua through Tuesday morning, and a wind advisory through 6 p.m. Monday.

The storm made landfall in Florida early Monday near Jacksonville Beach around 12:10 a.m. with near-hurricane-strength winds of 70 mph, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. As of 8 a.m., the center of Beryl was near Lake City, and moving northwest, before an expected turn up the coast and out into the Atlantic.

A tropical storm warning was in effect early Monday for coastal areas from Flagler Beach, Fla. to the Savannah River in Georgia. An earlier tropical storm warning for areas northward to Edisto Beach, S.C., was discontinued.

Beryl was expected to bring 4 to 8 inches of rain to parts of the Southeast, with some areas getting as much as 12 inches. Forecasters said the storm surge and high tide could bring 2 to 4 feet of flooding in northeastern Florida and Georgia, and 1 to 2 feet in southern South Carolina.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott urged Florida residents in the affected areas to “stay alert and aware.”

“Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to bring heavy rain and winds, and it is vital to continue to monitor local news reports and listen to the advice of local emergency management officials,” Scott said in a statement Sunday evening.

Stay tuned to wuft.org or WRUF-TV (channel 6 on Cox and 10.1 over the air) for the latest on this storm.

Images posted on social media networks

A curated glance at some of the images folks in Florida and the Southeast are posting to Twitter and social networks from Tropical Storm Beryl.

Images from Tropical Storm Beryl

A curated glance at some of the images folks in Florida and the Southeast are posting to Twitter and social networks from Tropical Storm Beryl.

Storified by WUFT News· Mon, May 28 2012 06:51:05

The beach after Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/sP8XrjfVZackery Tucker
Colcord Ave entrance to Arlington Expressway eastbound blocked by down tree. – Bruce Lipsky #beryl http://twitpic.com/9q9nfcjaxdotcom
@wjxt4 thought I’d share our photo -Marc #beryl #punny #wjxt #Jacksonville #riverside http://pic.twitter.com/IcAa3Y01M A R X
“@wjxt4: The St. Johns River at high water levels. http://pic.twitter.com/Va4FEThQ” #beryl #jaxwx #stjohnsriverjimstem
#beryl http://pic.twitter.com/ZN4ozhzLNastySurf
View from north jax this am. Minimal damage here. Raining hard. #Beryl #jaxwx http://pic.twitter.com/eJOU4RHIjimstem
Sister’s dock/Ortega river/JAX #BerylStay safe everyone! http://pic.twitter.com/NHiclKGCTERRI
#Beryl debris in Fernandina Beach back yard. No damage, just messy. http://pic.twitter.com/g4EcUEJYKathy Nemaric
#Beryl liked our dock so much, she decided to take part as a souvenir. #JaxWX http://pic.twitter.com/3rCNGSgfRand Miranda
@jaxdotcom Johnson Slough topping Nelson in OP due to #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/h1MuAWdVJeffrey Bezore
I see you Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/3qNc5lhzJosh Goodson
Early morning having coffee on the balcony with 50 mph winds/rain from Beryl. Rain sounds good on the lake! http://pic.twitter.com/E9ROqMEfMichael Mundy
@WUFTNews : View of Sun Setting Behind the Clouds @SantaFeCollege #Gainesville, #FL http://pic.twitter.com/LQMaf4xmselja
#berylP. Michael
#beryl sunset at #ftstewart from viewer Brittney. #instagramCrystal Bruce
A little windy. #BerylMadison Corwin
Impending doom! #beryl http://pic.twitter.com/tcixn7vzflgrlproblems™
Double rainbow over the ocean. The calm before #Beryl arrives @Golden_IslesKyAnn Lewis
#beryl approaching Brunswick. Courtesy: Pauly MeachamCrystal Bruce
Tropical Storm Beryl in our backyard http://pic.twitter.com/uSiYCwIAMeg Weigel
It’s a very blustery day #berylDayna
The rainbow before the storm #beryl #fbChris Foster
Local 6 Photog Goose Gosselin’s pic of waves in Flagler Beach #Beryl http://yfrog.com/ockkvmpjKevin O’Korn
@WUFTNews : This was taken around 2pm 5/27/2012 just before the first "band" came thru G’ville. http://pic.twitter.com/f6spAOtRselja
Looking across #stjohnsriver at #Mayport as the bands of #Beryl come in. #jaxwx http://pic.twitter.com/JBUXF8h8jimstem
My friend’s house on Penman in Jax Beach. #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/nuK8p1UTDerek Stiles
Very gusty here on the coast at Hugenot park. #Beryl #jaxwx http://pic.twitter.com/lWhUo3M1jimstem
Tree on house in Palatka, pic & info via Carlin Carter on Facebook. Few other reports of trees down. @FCN2go #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/nPCmfiV0Amanda Zitzman
Just north of #JaxBeach looking at #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/O2yD82Mdjimstem
Winds definitely kicking up now blowing sand here in Jacksonville Beach. TS #Beryl. http://twitpic.com/9q21heJeff Gammons
Watching TS #Beryl come in at St. Augustine Pub. http://pic.twitter.com/PYkMRDDSromabit
RT @Ginger_Zee: Holiday Halted! #Beryl is messing with Jacksonville vacationers. My report on @abcworldnews http://pic.twitter.com/F4mUMSEeTodd Donovan
You would never guess that there is #Beryl on the other side of Florida. Beautiful here in Panama Beach! http://twitpic.com/9q1wfcWeather Wadster
Looking towards #jaxnas from Riverside around 5 pm #beryl #jaxwx http://pic.twitter.com/oTD7bbRoGary T. Mills
Last pic I can send from the dock. It’s too dangerous to be out here anymore. Local news says 80mph gusts. #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/Q0wgLayIJim in Florida
The view to the west. #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/y1VoubbiJim in Florida
#Jacksonville crews working fast to clear out ditches that could flood neighborhoods #Beryl @MayorAlvinBrown on scene. http://pic.twitter.com/BJBi5Mn4Tiffany Griffith
Florida calm before the storm #beryl http://pic.twitter.com/81M73ez8motorsports
RT @dfilaroski: The rainbow before the storm. Or something like that … #beryl http://pic.twitter.com/UcUxGlgEMarilyn Young
Great image of Beryl and first rain bands ashore -rain welcome but not from a hurricane #Beryl @abc7news http://yfrog.com/oe76705949pBob Ryan
RT @Ginger_Zee: Holiday Halted! #Beryl is messing with Jacksonville vacationers. My report on @abcworldnews http://pic.twitter.com/F4mUMSEejames spotts
#beryl http://pic.twitter.com/gsJFekorHeather
Ominous clouds over downtown Jax. #Beryl http://pic.twitter.com/9xAeqrOGErica Bennett
#beryl looking nasty as it’s expected to make landfall in a matter of hours… Jax Beach http://pic.twitter.com/PWChNlBjElizabethPrann@FOX


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