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Alachua County To Consider Storm Water Runoff Tax


Alachua County is considering implementing an annual storm water assessment fee for unincorporated areas of the county. If imposed, the tax will appear on homeowner’s property tax bills in November.

Last week the county sent notice to over 30 thousand property owners that this addition to tax bills is in the works. They are looking to join other local governments that impose a similar tax, including the city of Gainesville. It would be used to build better drainage systems and provide for better water quality for the environment.

The yearly amount would vary depending on the size of the home: $30 for medium homes; $15 for small properties; $49.80 for large homes and  sometimes more. The county is expecting to collect over one million a year to replace the funding that now comes from local gas taxes.

Chris Bird, Alachua County Environmental Protection Department director, said it’s important to have a dedicated funding source to build systems to improve water quality in county lakes and streams.

The county will hold informational meetings on May 25th and 30th and the public hearing on the proposed fee is set for the evening of June 13th.

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  1. Civil engineers plan for storm water runoff during the design stage of various projects. Taxes are already collected which are applied to infrastructure. To invent another reason to collect additional taxes is dangerous. I oppose the tax. If more money is needed for whatever, justify it, and raise the millage rate.

  2. What insanity! Road builders with their hands out demanding work. So, this preposterous scam is put together to “clean water” by “replacing stormwater systems”. Is the claim then that all of Alachua County stormwater efforts have been a dismal failure. Then let’s sue them and get whatever contractors were involved to fix their mistakes Free!

    Reality is this is also about rebuilding the roads while also handling stormwater AND wastewater lines. It’s a give-a-way plan for politicians buddies. Stop it! Stop scamming Alachua County residents by milking more tax money from them!

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