Swastikas Spray Painted on Gainesville Home And Trump Sign


Gainesville resident Ronnie Sartain woke up Wednesday with swastika signs spray painted all over his home — his yard, garage and Donald Trump campaign sign were vandalized.

Gainesville Police Department spokesperson Ben Tobias said Sartain is not the only resident around the Gainesville area who called to complain this morning about a home vandalization.

“We are responding to two different residents so far in the city that have (had) that happen,” Tobias said.

Tobias said the investigation is still ongoing.

“When we get right into political election, there are many things that have happened in the past and folks can expect some sort of things to happen from both sides on the opposition,” Tobias said. “But you know, always call the police if some of your property is damaged.”

Sartain said he will not paint over the swastikas until after the election.

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