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Helping young people respect themselves

Kids fueling up to have a good time” credit=”Kevin Roberts / WUFT-FM
Kids learning to “Respect themselves” at Mickle pool” credit=”Kevin Roberts / WUFT-FM

Every summer, school students get a few months off to relax and gear up for the next school year.  But the Gainesville Police Department and the city parks department say with time off, teenagers can get bored.  And they say, with boredom comes possible trouble.  But in Gainesville, measures are being taken to stomp out teen crime. Over the weekend the city put on the annual “Operation Respect Yourself.”  The initiative is designed to give teenagers a positive outlook on life and keep them off the streets.  As Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM’s Kevin Roberts reports, a day at the pool is just what the doctor ordered.





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