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Pedro Bravo Found Guilty On All Seven Charges

After several hours of deliberation following a two-week trial, the jury has found Pedro Bravo guilty in the first-degree murder of his former high school friend and University of Florida student Christian Aguilar. Bravo, 20, was found guilty of first degree murder, kidnapping-false imprisonment, poisoning, improper transportation of human remains, giving false …

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Pedro Bravo Testifies In His Own Defense

The prosecution rested today after presenting their case with several witnesses over the past week and a half. Pedro Bravo walked into the courtroom Thursday morning and decided to testify in his own defense. Bravo is accused of murdering University of Florida student Christian Aguilar, whom prosecutors say he killed …

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Pedro Bravo Testifies

Pedro Bravo walked into court on the morning of August 14 with the decision to testify on his own defense. He is accused of murdering University of Florida student Christian Aguilar in 2012. Yesterday Judge James Colaw told the twelve-person jury to plan for deliberations to begin on Thursday. Depending …

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Crime Lab Analysts Testify In Pedro Bravo Trial

Florida Department of Law Enforcement crime lab analysts testified Tuesday about evidence collected in the murder trial of Pedro Bravo. During the investigation FDLE analyst Marianne Hildreth examined pieces of duct tape recovered from the remains of Christian Aguilar and from the windshield of Bravo’s car. Hildreth testified that she …

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Associate Medical Examiner Testifies in Bravo Trial

The state presented pictures of Christian Aguilar’s remains as Dr. Martha Burt gave testimony on her examination of the body. Burt is an associate medical examiner for the 8th District, which includes Alachua County. Burt recalled going to the wooded area in Levy County where Christian Aguilar’s remains were found …

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Erika Friman Testifies On Day Three Of Trial

As time passed on September 20 and 21 of 2012, Christian Aguilar’s girlfriend became more and more concerned about his whereabouts. Erika Friman testified Wednesday in the Alachua county trial of Pedro Bravo that she called Bravo at 4 am on the  21st because she knew the two men had been together. …

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