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What Will Be Forever Changed As a Result of COVID-19?

Episode 45, our final episode, takes a look towards the future at what might be forever changed after this pandemic is over. Eating out at a local restaurant is looking and feeling different now that businesses are adapting to the new normal. Taylor Levesque spoke to local business owners who said there are many aspects of the restaurant industry that are forever changed because of COVID-19 (01:38). Catching a movie or seeing a play. Two such acts that could make for an enjoyable date night or just a fun night out. But thanks to COVID-19 both the big screen and stage have been all but abandoned. Camron Lunn spoke with the director of the Hippodrome in Gainesville and the owner of the Ocala Drive-In to see what the prospects of a night out look like when we are all locked in (05:24). One thing that has changed for almost every adult in Florida is how we work. For those who aren't essential workers, working from home has become the new normal during the pandemic. But will the flexibility of remote work really change the workplace forever? Melissa Feito spoke with Dr. Joyce Bono** professor of management at the University of Florida's Warrington College of Business. She recently completed the first phase of a research project called "work and family during the time of Covid," detailing how working parents have adapted to these times (10:06). Historically, epidemics have transformed the public spaces we inhabit. Gabriella Paul spoke with local and national architects, city planners and historians on how a post-pandemic world might look different (15:25). When the pandemic hit the U-S, the cruise industry all but shut down, leaving thousands without work. Anthony Montalto introduces us to two people in the cruise business who share what the pandemic has been like for them (21:37). This podcast serves to provide updates on Florida's response to coronavirus, with a particular focus on north central Florida.

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