Emergency responders and corporations ready to help victims of Isaac


Even though the threat of Hurricane Isaac has disappeared from North Central Florida, many agencies and organizations  are still prepared if called upon for relief efforts. Isaac, now a tropical storm is bringing wind and rain to the Gulf Coast, especially around New Orleans.  Florida agencies are prepared to help if called upon. Alachua County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Todd Kelly says there are  policies in place to help  around the state of Florida when they are in there time of need.


The relief efforts do not stop at the Florida line depending on the state of disaster in different areas of the country.


Emergency response agencies are not the only people who are ready to help if called upon.  Various corporations in Florida are ready to lend a helping hand. Clay Electric Co-Operative Director of Public Relations, Henry Barrow says they won’t know until the storm passes if anyone will need assistance.


Barrow says a reason they are so willing to help out is because when they were hit by  storms in the past people around the country came to Florida’s aid.  But he says usually their help isn’t needed for tropical storms below a category 3.


After Tropical Storm Isaac moves north from the Gulf Coast in the next few days damage will be accessed and then various agencies will learn if their assistance is needed.

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