The Point, May 22, 2019: How 49 Florida Prisoners Became A Professor’s ‘Best Students’


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Today’s top stories

• Nearly 50 inmates at Columbia Correctional Institution recently received their college diplomas after completing degrees inside the prison. Here’s how the program works and the success stories of some who completed it. (WUFT News)

• Gainesville Regional Utilities leadership says the biomass material burned in its plant — an expensive crowned jewel in its renewable energy portfolio — might accelerate the amount of carbon dioxide that’s released, but it would have happened anyway as the material breaks down. (Gainesville Sun)

• The past five years have set a record for having named storms prior to June 1. Andrea has lessened from subtropical storm to subtropical depression. (Palm Beach Post)

• In other weather news, it’s going to be so hot and dry this Memorial Day weekend that the National Weather Service is urging extreme caution over burning due to possible wildfires. (Florida Storms)

• An extinct heron species once roamed this part of Florida. Its bones were found near Williston and are at least 5 million years old. (The Alligator)

Highly-accomplished Floridian Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte died Monday at age 85. (News Service of Florida)

• Republican Congressman Francis Rooney represents parts of Southwest Florida and is no climate change denier. “I just don’t think we can deny so much of the evidence that has been put out by so many scientists all around the world,” he tells NBC-2.

• Gov. Ron DeSantis has until June 5 to take action on 11 more bills from the state legislature, including one that bans childlike sex dolls. (News Service of Florida, WUFT News)

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