DeSantis: Phase Two Effective Friday To Reopen Florida


Gov. Ron DeSantis rolled out the next step in Florida’s reopening today during a 12 p.m. press conference in Orlando, Fla. He announced Phase 2 would be effective in 64 counties as of Friday, June 5, excluding Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, which may participate on a petition basis.

Under Phase 1, Florida allowed the reopening of restaurants, retail shops, and gyms at half-capacity, along with elective surgeries in hospitals and certain personal services, like hair salons. Amusement parks were permitted to reopen on a petition basis, and professional sporting venues opened for training and some events.

“What the White House put out for Phase 2 — not very different than what we’re already doing,” DeSantis said.

Under Phase 2, however, as outlined in Executive Order 20-139, the following changes will be permitted in Florida, provided CDC guidelines are observed:

  • Bars, and other vendors licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, may operate at 50% of indoor capacity and maximum outdoor capacity. Restaurants will operate identically. Nightclubs are still restricted from reopening.
  • Retail shops may operate at maximum capacity.
  • Gyms may operate at maximum capacity.
  • Entertainment venues — including movie theaters, playhouses and auditoriums — may operate at 50% indoor capacity.
  • Pari-mutuel facilities, housing legal gambling machines, may reopen as permitted by local and county officials.
  • Other services deemed “personal,” including tattoo parlors, massage and tanning salons, may resume operation.

Visitation to long-term care facilities will remain prohibited. The order officially recommends individuals avoid gatherings larger than 50 people. It also mandates that Florida public universities present a reopening strategy on June 23.

DeSantis ended the conference hinting an imminent announcement involving collegiate sports in the state.

The governor’s comprehensive guide to Phase 1 and 2 is available here.

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