Jeff George - FPREN

Jeff is the chief meteorologist for the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network and can be reached at or 352-294-1506.

Heat exhaustion vs heat stroke: Know the difference

With this dangerous heat wave forecasted to keep smothering the southern U.S. and Florida the next several weeks, it is important to know the key differences between heat-related illnesses. The combination of heat and humidity will result in dangerously high “feels like” temperatures to continue hitting the triple digits. These …

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Another soon-to-be-named storm likely in the tropics

The tropics will need to be monitored even closer than normal for late July. Tropical Storm Don is still swirling around the north-central Atlantic and poses no threat to the U.S. But we now have an area of low pressure in the central tropical Atlantic that has a good chance …

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Tropical Storm Bret continues to track toward the Caribbean

The latest update from the National Hurricane Center and satellite data confirm that Tropical Storm Bret continues to slowly organize. Intensification is still likely the next 2 days but Bret may never reach hurricane status. A weakening trend is forecasted when it hits the Caribbean with drier air and unfavorable …

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Hurricane Preparedness Week begins in Florida

Prepping for hurricane season starts with knowing your risks. Hurricanes are much more than just a coastal problem, so knowing what types of water and wind hazards could happen where you live is critical to your safety. The goal is to create that peace of mind by being fully prepared …

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