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University of Florida Announces Drone Regulations


The University of Florida announced guidelines regulating the use of unmanned aerial systems, commonly known as drones.

Students or faculty members who fly a drone over university property must first be licensed through the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA).

Those not enrolled at the university or on the faculty must also be licensed through UF’s Environmental Health and Safety department. The university said it also wants to avoid liability should the worst happen on campus:

operation of a UAS (unmanned aerial system — or drone) by a third party or hobbyist over University property must be under a contract which holds the University harmless from any resulting claims or harm to individuals and damage to University property and provides insurance as required by Environmental Health and Safety.

Students can be expelled and faculty terminated from the university if the rules are not followed, according to UF’s Environmental Health and Safety department.

Bill Properzio, director of Environmental Health and Safety, said the campus is affected by regulations prohibiting flying in other aircraft’s airspace. Drones cannot be flown within five miles of an airport or two miles of a heliport, per FAA regulations.

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