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Florida Senate Approves Policy Change To Campus Concealed Carry


A proposal to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their guns on college campuses was approved Wednesday by the Florida Senate and House Committees on Criminal Justice.

The proposal to amend the current law has to be approved by three more committees before it is presented in the 2016 legislative session.

A representative from the National Rifle Association, Amy Hunter, said there are plans to continue presenting the proposal to the Florida government yearly until it is passed.

“Threats to personal safety don’t disappear once you step on campus,” Hunter said. “Criminals can still get on campus. Criminals don’t abide by gun-free zones.”

In the Senate committee meeting Wednesday morning, Gary Kleck, an FSU criminology professor, said that no one younger than 21 would be able to have a gun on campus, regardless of whether or not the bill passes.

Florida Statute 790.06 describes the requirements for carrying concealed weapons or firearms.

Although state universities like the University of Florida and Florida State University have a large population of students who are underage, community colleges in the area have a larger age range with more possibilities of students with concealed carry permits.

Manager of public safety at the College of Central Florida, Don Ugliano, said a lot will have to change in his department if the bill is passed, but he will be prepared.

Santa Fe College Chief of Police, Ed Book, said in an e-mail that safety training for students and faculty and a vigilant police force is what he thinks makes a college campus safer — not more guns.

“People imagine this Wild West kind of scenario. They’re imagining college kids drinking and being irresponsible with their weapons,” Hunter said.

She said Colorado has allowed concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons on college campuses since 2003, and there has not been a single incident that can be accredited to the passage of the bill.

“These are really supremely law abiding people that want to be able to continue their right to self defense,” she said.


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  1. “These are really supremely law abiding people that want to be able to continue their right to self defense,” she said.

    -July 27,2013 – Supremely law abiding licensed concealed carrier Pedro Alberto Vargas kills 6 in Hialeah, Florida.
    -June 06, 2010 – Supremely law abiding licensed concealed carrier Gerardo Regalado kills 6 in Hialeah, Florida.
    -November 26, 2009 – Supremely law abiding licensed concealed carrier Paul Merhige kills 4 in Jupiter, Florida

    • None of those happened on College Campuses, and even with those 3, the CWL holder is still 6 time less likely to commit a serious crime than a police officer. Yet you call them to your home for protection. No one said that murders do not happen, what was said is that CWL holders are by far more law abiding then the main stream public or even our police. In the incidents you cite, you can read why each one happened, drugs, steroids, domestic disputes and more. Use some facts instead of trying to dig up anecdotal or emotional examples that have no bearing on the subject other than being isolated incidents. Out of the over 1.5 MILLION CWL holders in Florida yo picked three instances. Really?

      • The point of the article was that concealed carriers “are really supremely law abiding people” in places other than on campuses. I showed three very significant examples (mass murders) of concealed carriers NOT being “really supremely law abiding people” in those other places. Florida has experienced 17 mass killings in the last decade, 14 of which were mass shootings. Three of those mass shootings (21%) were committed by licensed concealed carriers, who made up only 7% of the adult population during that time. That means licensed concealed carriers were 3 times as likely to be mass shooters as the general public. In a larger sample — the FBI’s 2014 study of 160 active shooter incidents — licensees were 4 times as likely to be a shooter. They were 12% of active shooters, but just 3% of the US adult population during the study period.

        The “safer than police” argument in fallacious. These “safer than” comparisons conflate crime rate, arrest rate, conviction rate, and revocation rate, which are all very different things. They also fail to control for demographic differences in the groups. For example, Texas concealed carriers have a median age around 55; patrol officers, around 40. That difference alone predicts a 4X greater violent crime rate among the cops.

        Just to make you happy though, here are some licensed concealed carriers who did murder on campuses:
        -Oct 29, 2002 — Robert S. Flores / Tucson, AZ — Nursing student murdered 3 nursing instructors at U of Arizona over failing grades.
        -Oct 13, 2008 — Alan Godin / San Antonio, TX — Librarian at Northeast Lakeview College murdered another librarian over tenure dispute.
        -Jun 09, 2009 — Brian McGuire / Lexington, KY — Janitor at a middle school killed coworker over workplace issues.
        -Oct 22, 2010 — Mary Nance Hanson / Salt Lake City, UT — 70-year-old woman murdered her former daughter-in-law in a school parking lot over a custody battle.

        • What’s your point “bloody sundae?” Why are you afraid to post with your real name? Why are you trying to imply that law abiding citizens should not be allowed to defend themselves? Let’s cross off the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution, and then we’ll all live in peace and harmony right?

      • Is it possible that these are illegal immigrants, who can now receive driver’s licenses and government issued IDs without proper background checks? There can be no justification whatsoever to keep law abiding citizens with no criminal background from defending themselves, their families and their property.

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