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Feb. 27, 2013: Afternoon News In 90

  • Wednesday morning’s storm left the roof ripped off a shed and 10-inch tree limbs snapped. One wind gust was reported at 91 mph.
  • Chuck Hagel reported to his first day of work as secretary of defense after being sworn in Tuesday. Hagel was confirmed in a 58-41 vote, making it the closest in the history for defense secretary.
  • Many immigration detention centers in Arizona released about 300 people in preparation for governmental spending cuts. The National Immigration Forum has found it takes $164 a day to keep an undocumented immigrant in jail.
  • The Supreme Court will consider striking down the discrimination clause in the 1964 voting rights law after debated that it is outdated.
  •  A New Mexico man hid millions of dollars worth of gold and jewels in a treasure chest after learning he had terminal cancer three years ago. Although he is now cancer free, the chest is still unfound and available.

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