Animal Airwaves

Airs Saturdays from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

A call-in radio show featuring experts from the UF Veterinary Hospitals speaking on a variety of animal health-related topics. The show, hosted by Dana Hill of WUFT, features UF faculty clinicians, who speak about common veterinary problems in their area of expertise. Listeners can call in to 352-392-8989 with questions related to the topic being discussed.

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Health in a HeartbeatHealth in a Heartbeat

Airs twice a day on weekdays, once during Morning Edition and after the PBS NewsHour on WUFT 89.1 and 90.1

Health in a Heartbeat is a credible source of health information that inspires and informs listeners and satisfies their growing appetite for news they can use. For more than 10 years Health in a Heartbeat has offered a daily dose of medical wisdom.

Produced by the UF Health and WUFT-FM.

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Tell Me About ItTell Me About It

“Tell Me About It” is a weekly audio storytelling series hosted by Sue Wagner, WUFT community relations coordinator, focusing on events, organizations and research projects by those that helped create them and those that have benefited.

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The Point Podcast

A daily roundup of important Florida stories curated by WUFT’s The Point newsletter team and produced for audio by students at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications.

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From FloridaFrom Florida

Welcome to From Florida, a podcast where you’ll learn how minds are connecting, great ideas are colliding and groundbreaking innovations become a reality because of the University of Florida. Host Nicci Brown talks with UF faculty, researchers, students and administrators — thought leaders From Florida — who are moving our state, nation and the world forward.

Consider This from NPRConsider This from NPR

Make sense of the day. Every weekday afternoon, Kelly McEvers and the hosts of NPR’s All Things Considered — Ailsa Chang, Audie Cornish, Mary Louise Kelly and Ari Shapiro — help you consider the major stories of the day in less than 15 minutes, featuring the reporting and storytelling resources of NPR.

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Documentary of the WeekDocumentary of the Week

Documentaries serve as a way to examine an event, person or significant development in our history or from the current day. Award-winning filmmakers all over the world have taken facts and assembled them into stories that captivate audiences in deep and meaningful ways.

Documentary of the Week,” which airs every Friday morning, during Morning Edition, is a weekly segment highlighting notable non-fiction films from around the world.

Produced by WNYC in New York City, “Documentary of the Week” provides a brief overview of stories in all topics for different ages.

It comes to WUFT with generous support from the family of Dr. Norman Holland, who was an Eminent Scholar in the UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences English Department, and a longtime Gainesville resident. A literary and film critic, Holland wrote extensively about films for WBUR in Boston. His website www.asharperfocus.com contains more than 100 of his film reviews.

We are deeply grateful to the family of Dr. Holland and WNYC for allowing WUFT to broadcast “Documentary of the Week” every Friday at 9:49 a.m.

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Florida-Friendly Landscaping in a Minute

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute is a one-minute long radio show that shares practical tips on Florida-Friendly Landscaping™. Based on University of Florida horticultural research, the show airs twice every weekday and all shows are supported with helpful online links for more information.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ in a Minute is brought to you by the UF/IFAS Extension Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ program in cooperation with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The show is hosted by Tom Wichman.

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From the Front LinesFrom the Front Lines

This podcast hosted by Ryan Vasquez, WUFT  Multimedia News Manager, provides an update on Florida’s response to coronavirus, with a particular focus on north central Florida.

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Tiny Tech Radio

Airs Fridays at 1:58 p.m.

Step into the world of nanotechnology with Tiny Tech. Tiny Tech is a series of radio modules focusing on the science and engineering of the very small.  Each module presents an aspect of nanoscale objects, ranging from the effects of size on chemical and physical properties to new technological applications in fields as diverse as electronic devices and medicine.

Tiny Tech is a production of WUFT-FM with funding provided by the National Science Foundation.  Modules are written by faculty and students, who carry out research on the chemistry of nanotechnology at the University of Florida, Johns Hopkins University, the Unversity of Texas, Dallas and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Unstoppable Minds

A podcast from the University of Florida looking at the challenges and triumphs that come with a life in academia and research.

Hosted by Dr. Kyla McMullen & Dr. Jeremy Waisome.

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WUFT News Podcasts

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