Alachua County Fire Rescue unveils pediatric tool kits


As the nation celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Alachua County Fire Rescue celebrated its commitment to accessibility for special needs and pediatric patients.

The rescue trucks now include tool kits to facilitate more effective communication and provide a healthy distraction for patients who receive treatment.

The kits come with communication cards in English and Spanish to help explain procedures younger patients may not understand to ease their ambulance visits. 

Sarah Weed, health and safety captain for the Alachua County Fire Rescue, said the additions help patients remain calm and it makes treatment easier for the caregivers and providers.

“I’m hoping for providers that I can make them a little less stressed and a lot more confident. If I could just make one provider’s job easier, it’s a good day. As far as the pediatrics, I just want them to know that we’re here to help and to make it easier on the parents as well.”

The team trained with the kits and is already using the kits in the field. 

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