The Rewind: Week of March 21, 2022


Every week, journalists at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications report important stories for people in the North Central Florida area and beyond. This is The Rewind from WUFT News, a look into some of the strongest reporting from our newsroom and a discussion with the journalists who write these stories.

The 30-minute episode features a deeper dive into our top stories of the week. In this episode, we discuss the significance of a Black marching band style in Gainesville and how a potential Florida turnpike could affect a historically Black community, then we have an in-depth look at the history. 


Part 1 and 2: How a Black marching band style was erased from Gainesville’s fields

When Lincoln High School suddenly closed down in 1970, Eastside High’s band director worked to create unity between Black and white students and encouraged students to reach for a bright future. His work earned Eastside High the nickname of “Little FAMU,” named after Florida’s historically black public university with a distinctive music style.

However, the band’s style and musical identity have been diminishing from Gainesville’s fields.  

In this interview, WUFT’s inequity reporter and Report for America member Katie Hyson explained her story about Gainesville’s Eastside High marching band and how it developed, lost, and re-discovered its distinctively Black marching style.


Part 3: Potential Florida turnpike extension risks historic Black community

A potential new development to the Florida Turnpike would split one of the state’s oldest historically Black neighborhoods in two. Residents of Royal neighborhood, located just west of Wildwood in Sumter County, aren’t supporting the turnpike extension and are pursuing a movement against it. 

Even though the extension is still in its early stages, locals are already working to change the construction plans. WUFT Reporter Heather Bushman explains where this project is headed and what it means for those in the area.

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