Branford Women’s Club Elects to Donate Historic Records


It’s the end of an era for the Branford Women’s Club.

Established in 1947, the clubhouse opened its doors one last time on Wednesday, Aug. 25, to gather historic documents to be donated to the Suwannee County Historical Commission & Museum.

women's club
The road sign for the women’s club adorns the lawn outside of the clubhouse. The Branford Women’s Club was founded by Lily Witherell. (Erika Clesi/WUFT News)

Chris Daniel reminisces on her time in the organization.

“She talked to me about becoming a member because they needed young blood to help out here,” she said.

She joined the women’s club in 2004 after an invite from former club president Dean Gaylord. Another member, Cheryl Mann, who joined shortly after Daniel, said the club was all about community.

Together, the ladies at the Branford Women’s Club sold out events, like “Italian Night,” and they celebrated holidays like Christmas. Daniel said Christmas was the event of the year; they would host a silent auction and big dinner with each member bringing something to the event.

Eric Musgrove, the chair historian at the Suwannee County Historical Commission and Museum, is happy that the BWC reached out to preserve their history.

Musgrove said the club wanted to donate their records rather than seeing them destroyed. He said the group is trying to present and preserve what they can — the key to remembering history. 

For more information on the BWC and other local history, visit the museum Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Live Oak, Florida.

The Branford Women’s Club was founded by Lily Witherell. The deed to the Women’s Club was approved by the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Suwannee County on April 15, 1961.

Members of the Branford Women’s Club:
1.        Abbie Mann
2.        Alice Atkinson (President 1976-1978)
3.        Barbara Myrick
4.        Barbara Strom (President 1988-1990)
5.        Bertha Fletcher
6.        Betty Marquette
7.        Bobbie B. Phillips (Charter Member)
8.        Candi Aubin (GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs 2006-2008)
9.        Carolyn Millican (President 1980-1982)
10.      Catherine Delegal
11.      Catherine Ware
12.      Cheryl Mann
13.      Chris Daniel
14.      Chris Howell (President 1978-1980)
15.      Connie Bean
16.      Connie Nash
17.      Cora Lee Brauer
18.      Dean Gaylord (President 2000-2002 and 2002-2004)
19.      Debbie Sharp
20.      Debra Chubb
21.      Debra Green
22.      Doris Heaton
23.      Doris Ware (Charter Member, President 1962-1964)
24.      Edith W. Eudy
25.      Edna Howell
26.      Elaine Nemeth
27.      Elizabeth Suggs
28.      Esther Myers
29.      Exolona Jones (Charter Member, President 1966-1968)
30.      Flora Smith
31.      Freddie Avery (Charter Member)
32.      Gertrude Walker
33.      Grace Vaught (President 1998-2000)
34.      Harriet A. Meadows
35.      Helen Griffith (President 1964-1966 and 1968-1970)
36.      Helen Maxwell
37.      Helen Townsend
38.      Ida Morris (Charter Member)
39.      Jackie Thompson
40.      Janet Kelley
41.      Jean Harrell (President 1949-1950)
42.      Jo Ellen Morrison
43.      JoAnn Lynch
44.      Joanne Kreinbihl
45.      Joyce H. Odom (Charter Member)
46.      Joyce Webster
47.      Julie Owen (President 1970-1972)
48.      Karen Johnson
49.      Kathryn Townsend
50.      Kathy Sparrow
51.      Kathy Stark
52.      Kim Taylor
53.      Laura Jane Williams
54.      Leona Gunter (Charter Member)
55.      Leota Fletcher (Charter Member)
56.      Lily Witherell (Charter Member, President 1946-1948)
57.      Linda Davis
58.      Linda Wilkinson (President 1984-1986)
59.      Lula Mae Allen (Charter Member)
60.      M. Kathryn Sykes
61.      Madine Borom (Charter Member)
62.      Marcell Duncan
63.      Margaret Crawley
64.      Marie Smith
65.      Marilyn Williams (President 1986-1988)
66.      Marlene Corbett
67.      Marsha Millendorf
68.      Martha O’Steen (President 1956-1958)
69.      Martha Sherrod
70.      Mary Bell
71.      Mary Evelyn Philpat (Charter Member, President 1952-1954)
72.      Mary W. Smith
73.      Michelle McCollum
74.      Mildred Jones
75.      Mildred Jones (Charter Member)
76.      Mrs. Fried Phillips (Charter Member, President 1950-1952)
77.      Mrs. W. F. Howell (Charter Member)
78.      Mrs. Wilbur K. Howell (Charter Member)
79.      Myrtle Odom
80.      Myzelle Griffin
81.      Nadine Borom
82.      Nancy See (President, 1966-1998)
83.      Orman Feagle
84.      Peggy McCrandles
85.      Roberta Iues
86.      Rosa Herrmann
87.      Ruby Smith (Charter Member, President 1958-1960 and 1972-1976)
88.      Ruth McDaniels
89.      Sally Frierson (President 1982-1984 and 1984-1986)
90.      Sandi Scatt
91.      Sandra Haas
92.      Sheila Buckner
93.      Shirley Clark (President 1992-1994)
94.      Shirley Deringer
95.      Shirley Fletcher
96.      Singalee Wells (Charter Member)
97.      Susan Sain
98.      Susan Sims
99.      Susie Hill
100.    Thelma Darly
101.    Vicki York
102.    Yvonne Hyde


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