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2018 Candidate Roundtable: Alachua County School Board District 3 Seat

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Incumbent Gunnar Paulson is running for reelection while challengers Judy McNeil and April Tisher hope to persuade enough voters to give one of them a shot on the Alachua County School Board for a four-year term.

Voters will decide who holds the seat during the Aug. 28 election. In advance, we sat down with Tisher, followed by Paulson and McNeil due to a scheduling conflict, to ask them how they feel about a number of pressing issues within the district.

Hear the perspectives of candidates running for the other two contested seats:

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  • Nicole Wulff

    I started to listen and then had to stop and restart. It doesn’t seem possible to choose to pick up at a later part of the recording but rather, I have to listen from the beginning. Seems a tech aspect that could be easily remedied…..can you add a bar to fast forward?

    • Patrick Gilmartin

      I know this is late, but you can click on the Soundcloud logo to the upper right of the audio clip to go to the Soundcloud website and fast forward/ click through the audio clip!