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Thousands Of Students Support Helmet Safety Initiative At UF Basketball Game


The UF basketball game drew in thousands of students sporting different types of helmets. The effort was to support helmet safety, and sponsors from all over Gainesville provided helmets for the University to distribute to students for free.

“We don’t just give them out so they can sit in your closet,” said John Savone, a UPD officer. “We give them out so you can wear it and protect you. We want to save a life.”

When the students received helmets, they were taught how to wear them properly and received a flier highlighting data from UPD. The data showed that helmets are 67% effective in preventing brain injuries.

“Without a helmet on, you take a small accident, small bumps, small injuries, small crash, and you make the rider an organ donor,” said John Hollenbeck, a retired trauma surgeon from Shands.

Senator Keith Perry would like everyone under the age of 21 to wear a helmet, regardless of the type of scooter.

“You read the stories of students who have gone through this and wishing, wishing, they could go back in time,” said Perry.

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