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Broadcast Bits: Episode 11


Analysts point to signs of contraction and consolidation within the broadcast news industry.  Large corporations like Sinclair Broadcasting and Nextstar continue to acquire local television news stations. As has been detailed previously, news sharing is increasingly important as local outlets identify ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Many of these changes are a direct result of shifting news consumption habits and decreasing advertising revenue spent on the television platform.

Dania Alexandrino is a Spanish-language news manager at the University of Florida.

The picture is not so bleak for Spanish language television. Dania Alexandrino has worked for Univision and was a correspondent for CNN en Español.  She currently trains bilingual journalists at the University of Florida in her role as Spanish-language news manager in the College of Journalism and Communications.  She discussed why Spanish-language television continues to grow and the differences she sees between English and Spanish-language news.

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