Micanopy Provides Relief For Horseshoe Beach Residents Following Hermine

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Micanopy didn’t have any major damage from Hurricane Hermine, but the community is still starting a relief drive.

During the storm, Horseshoe Beach, which sits about 80 miles west of Micanopy, experienced 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts and over five inches of rain. The damage was devastating.

After visiting the coastal town, Micanopy Mayor Virginia Mance came up with a plan to help the residents of Horseshoe Beach.

After the visit, I thought ‘what could the town of Micanopy do to assist them in rebuilding?'” Mance said. “To me, the answer was the good-hearted people that live in the town of Micanopy and in the county of Alachua.”

Mance spoke with Horseshoe Beach Mayor Talmadge Bennett who said that items such as bleach and mops are at the top of the list of needs, but any donations will help the recovering town.

“They need sheets, they need beds,” Mance said. “…They need spoons to cook with and the pot to cook it in.”

Residents of Micanopy, including Holly Foreman, are excited to be part of the rescue effort.

“Micanopy is a really small little town, just like Horseshoe Beach, so we know the type of community it takes to keep going through situations like that,” Foreman said.

The Micanopy Fire Department is opening its doors for donation drop-offs until Sunday.

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