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Get To Know North Central Florida’s Republican Delegates

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Several of the 99 Florida delegates that will represent the Sunshine State’s winner-take-all vote at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week are from North Central Florida congressional districts.

This year’s convention used Florida congressional district maps that were deemed unconstitutional in 2014 and were redrawn in 2016.

Here are your North Central Florida GOP delegates:

Congressional District 2

Delegate 1          Clint Pate

Pate is the chair of the Jackson County Republican Party and a county commissioner.

Delegate 2          Evan Power

Power is the chair of the Leon County Republican Party. Of the delegates representing North Central Florida congressional districts, he is the most active on Twitter.

Read here for Power’s thoughts on preparing for the RNC:

Delegate 3          Thelma Rohan

Thelma Rohan, the Bay County Republican Party state committeewoman, is a former Bay County school board member. She ran for the State House in 2014 but lost in the primary to current District 6 State Rep. Jay Trumbull.

Congressional District 3

Delegate 1         Layne Schultetus

A retired Palm Beach County deputy sheriff, Schultetus lives in Suwannee County and previously supported Ted Cruz.

Delegate 2          Kay Durden

Durden is the committeewoman for the Lafayette County Republican Party. She previously supported Ted Cruz.

Delegate 3          Sherri Ortega

Ortega is the chair of the Suwannee County Republican Party. The Suwannee Democrat profiled Schultetus and Ortega in May.

Congressional District 5

Delegate 1          John Browning

Browning, of East Palatka, serves on the Florida Transportation Commission and the St. Johns River Water Management District governing board. A hobby of his, apparently, includes finding shipwrecks. He was featured in this article: Shipwreck May Be Oldest Found in Americas –

Delegate 2          Mike Cribby

Cribby is the Putnam County Republican Party committeeman.

Delegate 3          Clarence Allen

Congressional District 11

Delegate 1          Mike Moberley

Moberley is the Citrus County Republican Party chair.

Delegate 2          Darilyn Dolimpio

Dolimpio lives in The Villages.

Delegate 3          Daniel Wright


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