Occupy UF and Occupy Gainesville join efforts to get out their message


A group of anti-war military Veterans joined the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City this morning after one of their colleagues was injured at a protest. Here in Gainesville, Occupy UF has  joined forces with the Occupy Gainesville movement.  The group of abot a hundred marched from Campus to downtown chanting about their feelings about economic inequality and corporate greed. UF Professor Gwendolyn Zohara Simmons was a key speaker says the group’s goal today was to promote democracy.


She says the movement is not just about protesting corporate greed, but encouraging Americans to vote.


Coral MacDonald was homeless at one point in his life calls himself a traveler, says he is happy to see the community showing passion for this cause.


For weeks now, movements have popped up around the country. Protesters are asking for a decrease in the income inequality gap, corporate environmental protection, and what they say is a community movement to create awareness about these supposed unjustices.

WUFT-FM could not find anyone at the protest who opposed it, however people have said in the past it seems protesters are calling for a more socialistic system and though they agree that there is a growing gap in income inequality, education and getting to work are key concrete concepts in changing the way things are.


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