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The Point, Jan. 9, 2019: How Is The Government Shutdown Impacting You?

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Today's top stories

• During his address on Tuesday, President Donald Trump continued to enforce his belief in a "barrier" and refuses to reopen the government until he is funded $5.6 billion for this project. Here's how Florida politicians from U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio to Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy reacted. (Tampa Bay Times)

• As the shutdown continues into its third week, there are impacts to hurricane forecasting research, active Coast Guard members, and community aid organizations across the state. " It's a pause that could delay life-saving upgrades to forecasts" says Eric Blake, National Weather Service union steward (Miami Herald, FLKeyNews, WJCT, Palm Beach Post)

• The government shutdown has also impacted air travelers by removing much of the Federal Aviation Administration's necessary staff, including most safety inspectors. (AP)

We're curious: Have you been impacted by the shutdown? Are you curious about a certain aspect of this as it continues into its third week? Send us an email to with your question or comment.

Gov. Ron DeSantis' future plans consist of limiting the state's harsh political divide and focusing more of Florida's overall development. Here are photos from his and others' swearing-in ceremonies. (AP)

Nikki Fried is the first Jewish woman in Florida's Cabinet. ( Tampa Bay Times)

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott was sworn into office yesterday as well, as Florida is now represented in the U.S. Senate by two Republicans. (Florida Politics)

• At least 50 former felons registered to vote yesterday in Alachua County, now that Amendment 4 from the November ballot has taken effect. In addition to those in Alachua County, a handful of former felons in Marion County also registered and can now vote. (WUFT News, Ocala Star-Banner)

• U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman demands further regulation and inspection of contaminated water in Ocala, following the Miami Herald's reporting.

• It's worked so far in Winter Garden, so golf carts may be allowed on main roads in residential areas across parts of Orange County. (WMFE)

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