Students sit in the atrium of the music building on the University of Florida campus. (Jessica Fondo/WUFT News)

UF School of Music will receive new funding to repair its facilities


The University of Florida School of Music is due to receive new funding in the 2024 fiscal year budget.

The $35 million will repair its deteriorated facilities.

It has been over eight years since a petition was filed by the former director of the UF School of Music, John Duff.

On August 5, 2015, he filed a petition “demanding that the University of Florida meet its obligation and respond to the numerous problems with the building as outlined in an engineering study done in 2011.”

The petition listed several concerns regarding the safety of the building including how the first and third floors are open-air, meaning that they are exposed to the Florida humidity.

Such humidity can prove to be very damaging to sensitive musical instruments.

Concrete stairways exposed to outside weather also pose safety concerns, with the constant rain that Gainesville’s climate provides, concrete on campus can become very slippery due to the growth of mold combined with water.

“The acoustics in the building are totally inappropriate for teaching music,” said Kevin Orr, director of the school.  “The sound bleeds from room to room.”

He said the funds will be also be used to build a “major addition” to the building.

State Senator Keith Perry had a large role in pushing the state to provide funding for the music school.

In a news release on UF’s College of the Arts website, Dean Onye Ozuzu said she was “deeply grateful” to Perry for his support for the project.

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