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Florida Officials Say Malware Attack Did Not Compromise Votes


We are learning more about the cyberattacks found to be nibbling around the edges of the last presidential election. U.S. officials blame it all on Russia.

A phishing scam meant to look like an email from a vendor was sent to county election offices.

Florida officials say this attack went nowhere and would never have been able to compromise votes.

“There was no hacking, nobody had any issues with it as far as getting into the system,” said Citrus County elections supervisor Susan Gill.

“It was never an issue. It in no way impacted the election administration whatsoever,” mentioned Pasco County elections supervisor Brian Corley.

Susan Gill stressed that work email is separate from the software used to tally votes. “It’s a totally different system and just because something comes through on our email, it has nothing to do with the vote counting,” she added.

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