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Gainesville Hosts Orlando Vigil

Members of the Gainesville community gathered Monday to honor and remember those affected by the Orlando nightclub shooting.

The University of Florida's Pride Student Union and Islam On Campus organized a joint march to the candle-light vigil held downtown at city hall.

"We are here standing strong, and we are here supporting each other and supporting everyone," Rick Garcia, who is a part of the Pride Student Union, said.

Vigil attendee, Claire Walchek, said that she is equally as proud of those who were able to attend the event as those who could not.

"I am proud of everyone who is not here today," she said. "Because even though you are not here you are still strong and courageous, and your safety comes first."

During the vigil, people crowded the city hall courtyard from its steps to the street. Everyone was at peace, until a man charged the stage in anger after a comment was made about gun control and religion.

"It just shows me that our emotions are so heightened at the moment," said  the Rev. Catherine Dearlove about the man's anger. "... But because of the heightened emotions it was something, I felt, we needed to stop."

Despite the interruption, those who attended the vigil continued to mourn together.


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