Law enforcement narrowing down description of suspected kidnapper


Alachua County Sheriff’s Office investigators are searching for a kidnapping suspect they consider dangerous. ASO Spokesman Art Forgey says detectives are working with the victim to get a good description of the man responsible.


A Santa Fe College student was taken from campus yesterday, but escaped her kidnapper around 8 PM.  Santa Fe College Police Chief Ed Book says there is an increased police presence on campus today to both spread awareness about the crime and try to find additional information.


SFC uses a range of notification systems, and Book says the department is relying on social media and the College website to keep students informed.  The victim tells investigators the man had dark skin and spoke a language she was unfamiliar with.  Forgey says they do not know the motive behind the kidnapping at this time but they are following a number of leads to find the man responsible.  Anyone with information can contact 955-1818 or Crime Stoppers.

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