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Our Values: A Statement From WUFT's Leadership

On behalf of the leadership team at WUFT-TV, WUFT-FM and, we want to thank you for the trust you place in public media and in our stations.  We’re mindful of the extraordinary circumstances confronting our community and nation and the great responsibility journalists and broadcasters face in covering these important issues and world events that impact each of us.

Every member of our team, from full-time professionals to student journalists at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications, is committed to telling each story and covering each happening with empathy and accuracy.  Because of the unique nature of our public media enterprise, we are dedicated to teaching and training future generations of journalists about the great responsibility that comes with being a part of a news organization like WUFT.  Our commitment to providing in-depth coverage of complex stories comes with the knowledge that the only way we can be a part of future solutions is to be fully accountable and responsive to the needs of our community today.

Therefore, it is important for you to know what WUFT stands for and what drives our organization and culture.

  • We are committed to the truth.  Our first obligation is to report the truth so that you can make informed and educated decisions about what’s happening in our communities, nation and world.
  • We believe in fairness and equality for all.  Our team of students and professionals is composed of people from many backgrounds, experiences and interests.  We value all of them and believe that the more varied the perspectives, the better and stronger we’ll be as an organization.
  • We are anti-racist.  We want to be part of solutions that engage all communities, expose stories of racism and inequity and root out the ongoing issues that have brought us to this point in America.
  • We value you.  Public media was founded on the premise that underserved communities need a voice and we’re proud of the work that WUFT does to be that platform.  We also recognize that much needs to be done and we are rededicating ourselves to be that voice whether it’s on air, online, via social media or any other medium.

Finally, we recognize that we all have a role to play in ensuring real change happens in our community.  We are dedicated journalists and broadcasters who will work to ensure that the truth is always what drives our reporting and that people in this community are at the core of our efforts.  We thank you for your support and trust.

WUFT Leadership Team

Matt Abramson, Sandy Wagner, Brian Krieger, Josh Merrill, Natalie Karaoglanian, Randy Wright