Taylor Williams is the creative director of Guts & Glory GNV and host of Unvarnished, a podcast by WUFT News. (Gary W. Green/WUFT News)

Unvarnished: A Maiden Voyage


Why are human beings so obsessed with story?

Stories put us “in the middle of the action.” They connect us with each other through webs of vulnerability, woven through threads of empathy and shared experience.

Stories are revealing and healing.

Unvarnished is a podcast that brings together all the best things about storytelling. We feature the stories, but we also get the chance to meet and talk to the people behind them, and the lessons we can learn from them.

We know that being a person in this world can be ridiculous, painful, hilarious — and stories allow us to dive more deeply into the human spirit and look around for a while. It’s like eavesdropping at a bar or snooping around on your neighbors….except, we invited you.

I’m Taylor Williams, the Creative Director of Guts & Glory GNV, and your host for Unvarnished. Other than stories (OK, and maybe my kids and the beach and a fresh cucumber gimlet) I’m most obsessed with collaboration. So it’s my supreme pleasure to join with the fine people at WUFT, nestled into the College of Journalism and Communications at my alma mater, the University of Florida. This is a great community here, and we want to celebrate it.

We’re glad you joined us. Now it’s time for some: Real. Live. Stories. Enjoy!

About Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams is the host of Unvarnished and the Creative Director of Guts & Glory GNV. Unvarnished is produced in collaboration with WUFT.

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