Lions, Tigers and Barry, Oh My: Conservation Co-Founder Lives for His Animals


Barry Janks, 62, co-founder of Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation, said he does not work with animals for a living, per se. In fact, the private, nonprofit organization is funded mainly through Janks’ retirement fund. The nonprofit is also funded through field trips, private tours and events.  Janks said all donations go directly to the animals.

“It’s not for my living,” said Janks, who used to raise and rehabilitate race horses before retiring. “I do it for the animals’ living.”

Years after an inspiring trip to South Africa, Janks and his wife, Christine, started taking in exotic rescue animals in 2007. Now, the 274-acre conservation is home to 83 exotic, endangered animals. The conservation also houses around 50 other animals including cats, dogs, horses and other rescued pets.

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